This is Us

For over 25 years we have been designing, developing and marketing, nationally and internationally, services and innovative technological contents specific for Dental Practices and Dental Laboratories. We believe in harmony between people, companies and the environment. With our work, we want to be the engine of the digital transformation in the dental sector, contributing to the success of professionals, the well-being of patients and growing environmental sustainability.

The Henry Schein Group

We are part of the Henry Schein ONE Group. Based in Italy, we offer cutting-edge IT solutions for the management of the Dental Practice and the Dental Laboratory. OrisLine softwares and services are among the leaders on the national market. OrisLine has more than 30,000 licenses installed in over 80 countries worldwide.





Our Teams

We are more than 70 specialized professionals, divided into departments structured to provide OrisLine’s users with the best experience possible and an efficient and dedicated support.

R & D

Is our invaluable team made up of developers and analysts who are committed every day to designing and developing the most innovative and useful technological solutions for the activity of dentists and dental technicians.

Customer Success

To support customers in the growth of their business through specialized consultancy on the OrisLine solutions that are best suited to their specific needs.

Help Desk

A large team of qualified operators that provides 1st and 2nd level technical support and guarantees timely and effective assistance.

Customer Care

Department is committed to customer care, specifically it is responsible for maintaining constant and direct contact, collecting feedback and managing reports and solving any critical issues.


The marketing team is committed to ensuring that OrisLine’s communication is clear and transparent. We participate in various industry events in order to maintain direct contact with dentists and dental technicians, we organize meetings and webinars for all our users.


A team of accounting experts to manage administrative aspects and payments quickly and streamlined.

Human Resources

It is a fundamental team that pays extraordinary attention to the quality of work and the well-being of all employees.